Exhibit Talks


OneNote is a blank canvas that can be utilized for a myriad of things. It can be used for serious things and fun things, future plans and past reflections, important tasks and round-about brainstorming.

To predict, define, or narrow the ways OneNote can be utilized would be shortsighted of this conference. 


That's why I'm creating the opportunity for Exhibit Talks.


Exhibit Talks will be presented by the real champions of OneNote, the people that use it to get the most out of their work, education and personal items. If you use OneNote for something, anything, this is your opportunity to share it and help others.

Only conference attendees will be allowed to present an Exhibit Talk.

Exhibit Talks will be five to fifteen minute videos. In these videos, it will be your opportunity to teach the other attendees, and even the main event speakers, how you use OneNote. It doesn't have to be extravagant, sophisticated or advanced. It does need to be honest, authentic and shareable.

Just like the speakers, you will record your screen as you narrate your OneNote process. Since the video is brief, it should be focused around a single aspect or process of your OneNote use. Multiple videos from the same person (different topics) will be considered.

The Exhibit Talks will be made available on one page for the duration of the conference. You will be able to see your video along with other Exhibit Talk videos, much like an exhibit hall at an in-person conference.

Videos will be submitted via Dropbox, with detailed submission instructions provided when your topic is approved.

If you have an Exhibit Talk topic idea, submit it in the form below.

Just have some questions? submit those too.

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