Speakers at the Learn OneNote Conference will further establish themselves as leaders in the OneNote community. They will have opportunities to promote their own social media platforms, websites, consulting services and products. Additionally, speakers will have an opportunity to become an affiliate of the conference. More details on this to come in September.


Are you looking for career advancement? Speaking at the Learn OneNote Conference can boost your resume.


Are you wanting to promote your business or company? Speakers and their business will be promoted to all attendees.


There will be between 30 to 35 sessions throughout the conference. These sessions will focus on specific topics within each day's centralized theme. The daily themes are listed below.


Day 1: Getting Started With OneNote – today will cover an overview of the different versions, getting OneNote installed, opening your first notebook and organizing your sections.

Day 2: Adding Stuff to OneNote – today will cover all of the text, drawing, math, adding etc. related to adding things to a OneNote page.

Day 3: OneNote Powerful Features – today will have more advanced topics such as page customizations, templates, searching, password protection and more.

Day 4: OneNote as Part of Microsoft Office – today will cover OneNote as it works with other Office products, including Excel and Outlook.

Day 5: OneNote Mobile and Everywhere - today will cover the web, tablet and phone versions of OneNote.

Day 6: Make Things Happen With OneNote - today we will start to put everything together in meaningful case studies.

Day 7: OneNote for Education - today we use some of OneNote's most powerful apps (Class Notebook) and features, combining how-to and case studies in a packed day of training.

Day 8: OneNote for Business - today you will see how some of the most innovative companies and professionals are using OneNote to get more done, be more organized and improve their bottom line.

Day 9: Next Steps and Closing Comments - today we wrap things up and get you on your way for success with OneNote.


Speaking at the conference isn't for everyone.


To speak at the conference, you will need an original, never before released, video recording of 30 to 60 minutes in length.


Videos will need to be completed by the end of October, 2016. They will be pre-recorded prior to the conference and released throughout the event. Videos will be submitted via Dropbox, with detailed submission instructions provided when your topic is approved.


If you are interested in being a speaker, please schedule a meeting below to discuss your topic idea. I will help you decide on a topic if you are unsure.