What is the Learn OneNote Conference?

The Learn OneNote Conference is a multi-day online conference featuring several sessions per day from OneNote Experts (Ninjas) sharing their best tips, tricks, and best practices for getting the most out of OneNote.

Do I have to travel to attend the Learn OneNote Conference?

Nope. This conference is entirely online, which means you don't have any costly travel expenses or time spent away from family or work.

Who should attend the conference?

This conference isn't for everyone.

The training is best suited for teachers, principals, administrative persons, small business owners and managers. It is also beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their organization and processes as they relate to reducing paper waste, task or project management, research, writing, team work, teaching and educational offerings. 

How does the conference work?

There will be several video training sessions released each day. Each session will consist of a central topic with a OneNote Ninja showing you step-by-step what you need to know related to the topic. 

Register for the conference and I will email you any additional links and details you need.

How much will this cost?

Absolutely nothing while the event is live. 

Now that the conference is over, you can purchase a Lifetime Access Pass - Basic Version or Lifetime Access Pass - Team Version. Register at the top of the page for three free videos and I'll send him pricing information.

Is this a Microsoft event?

Nope, it's just me, Jared DeCamp, putting together this conference. While Microsoft employees have been gracious to speak and promote the conference, the conference is not officially affiliated or endorsed by Microsoft. I'm just a passionate OneNote user gathering others like you and me to leverage OneNote even more.