Be a Speaker at The Learn

OneNote Conference


event dates: november 12 - 20, 2016


Schedule a time to talk if you are interested in being a speaker.


important information About the conference


Learn OneNote Conference is an online only event that gathers OneNote experts, ninjas, and power users together to share their knowledge and experience for a complete OneNote learning experience.


There is no travel requirements and you do not have to be available on the conference dates. Everything will be pre-recorded and online only. 


The conference is free for attendees for the duration of the conference. Paid options will be made available for VIP tickets, which include lifetime access to the conference as well as additional bonuses. Prices and bonus details to be announced soon.


The conference will include 30 to 35 sessions pre-recorded videos, each with one speaker presenting about a OneNote topic.


In addition to the sessions, there will be Exhibit Talks where people with a wide range of OneNote expertise will simply share what they accomplish with OneNote in short, 5 to 15 minute videos.