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If you are like me, you know you could be doing more with Microsoft OneNote.

That's why I gather the best OneNote Ninjas in the world for an online OneNote Conference.

So we can finally accomplish more with OneNote in the classroom, at work and in life.

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  • Truly understand how OneNote works and what it can do for you
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  • Discover the how-to and the why behind OneNote
  • Identify the top mistakes people make with OneNote and how to avoid them
  • Be inspired by watching how others use OneNote
  • Develop a strategy for OneNote that works for you, your school and/or your business


  • Learn from other teachers how they use OneNote in the classroom
  • Get world class training without costly travel or time out of the classroom
  • Become a better teacher by using technology to your advantage
  • Save time with OneNote


  • Improve efficiency by using a tablet and OneNote
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Have the information you need to make smart decisions, all available at your fingertips
  • Leverage OneNote to cut costs, become more efficient and be more profitable
This conference is proudly sponsored by OneNote Central. Follow @OneNoteC on Twitter for the best tips, news and resources.

This conference is proudly sponsored by OneNote Central. Follow @OneNoteC on Twitter for the best tips, news and resources.

This conference is proudly sponsored by TeacherCast. Follow @TeacherCast on Twitter, a place where teachers learn to better use technology in their classroom.

This conference is proudly sponsored by TeacherCast. Follow @TeacherCast on Twitter, a place where teachers learn to better use technology in their classroom.



Agenda Overview

This online conference was from Saturday, November 12th, to Thursday, November 17th.

There were 21 main event speakers, each sharing a video about a specific OneNote related topic. The conference begins with a foundation of how to sessions and transition to showing specific work flows and case studies of OneNote.

The speakers roll back the curtain to show how they use OneNote in their personal life, in their work and in education.

Day 1: getting Started With OneNote

Introduction to OneNote, Including an Overview of the Different Versions

Kelly Marshall Canada

Kelly Marshall


In this video, Kelly is going to show you how to set-up OneNote correctly and introduce you to the different versions of OneNote. She will cover OneNote Online, OneNote App for Windows 10 and OneNote 2016.

Kelly Marshall is a three time Microsoft OneNote MVP and Business Development Manager and Coaching Consulting with itgroove. You can follow her blog at Find her on Twitter @itgroove_kelly.

Get Familiar with OneNote

Matthew O'Brien Australia

Matthew O'Brien


In this video, Matthew shows you the non-digital equivalent of OneNote so you can understand the organization potential of OneNote. The video also covers many of the basic functionalities like creating a new notebook, drawing with a stylus, doing basic math, linking notes, changing grid lines, inserting printouts and more. 

Matthew O'Brien is a teacher and head of Secondary at Bunbury Cathedral Grammar. Follow his blog, Education Stylus. Find him on Twitter @matthewo_brien.

Introduction and Overview of Conference

Jared DeCamp United States

Jared DeCamp

United States

This is a short video to introduce myself and the Learn OneNote Conference. It covers a an overview of the conference, opportunities for further learning and gives you a background to the event. 

I'm the host and organizer of the Learn OneNote Conference. I use OneNote every day, had an idea for this event, and have enjoyed the process of seeing the OneNote community rally behind the conference. 

Day 2: powerful OneNote Features

Using Tags and Page Templates

Maria Petreska Macedonia

Maria Petreska


Perhaps the two of the most popular features in OneNote are tags and page templates. This session will cover both of these topics so you are sure to be using the most up to date strategies. Maria does a nice job of including specific examples of how she uses OneNote as she shows you the ins and outs of various features.

Maria is an EFL teacher, MIE Expert 15, MIE Fellow 16, Ed-tech blogger, Microsoft HotTopics columnist and E2 Award Winner. Be sure to visit her website. Follow her on Twitter @teachermarija

Viewing Options and Work Flow

Albin Labelle France

Albin Labelle


Albin will build on what we learned from previous videos by recapping some of the layout of OneNote and then make sure you are using the Quick Access Toolbar and other viewing options to make your work easier and faster.

Albin is a OneNote enthusiast and blogger. He is multilingual and shares this video from his home country of France. Visit his OneNote website, written in English and French. Follow him on Twitter @Noteadvisor.

Live Objects Within OneNote

Marjolein Hoekstra Netherlands

Marjolein Hoekstra


If you want to go beyond just entering text onto your pages, this is the session you cannot miss. Marjolein shares everything you need to know so you can embed live objects onto your OneNote pages. This will make your pages come to life!

Marjolein is a OneNote MVP and Microsoft Partner Product Expert. She is the mastermind behind the @OneNoteC Twitter account and OneNote Community Notebook. It would be difficult to find someone that knows more about OneNote than Marjolein. Follow her on Twitter @OneNoteC.

Day 3: OneNote for Life

Ultimate Productivity with OneNote, Tablet and Stylus

Mathew Gilbertson Austrailia

Mathew Gilbertson


Mathew is a productivity specialist and co-owner of Tablet PC in Australia.  Tablet PC  delivers ‘Personal Digital Transformation’ helping people find the right device for their workflow and teaching them the skills required to get the most benefit from it. Mathew has been using OneNote since 2007 and is a true expert in OneNote and tablets.

Mathew is a productivity specialist and co-owner of Tablet PC in Australia.  Tablet PC  delivers ‘Personal Digital Transformation’ helping people find the right device for their workflow and teaching them the skills required to get the most benefit from it. Mathew has been using OneNote since 2007 and is a true expert in OneNote and tablets. Follow him on Twitter @MatGilbertson.

Journaling and Weekly Planning With OneNote

Darren Beale United Kingdom

Darren Beale

United Kingdom

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about journaling with OneNote and it has been my most commented and viewed blog post to date. Darren explains how to journal with OneNote in this video. This session could be one of the most popular sessions of this conference! He takes things an additional step and shows how your weekly planning can be organized within OneNote. This session will help you become the best version of yourself.

Darren has also created a free OneNote notebook to support his video. This notebook contains a summary of his workflows, a full transcript as well as some example templates. Click here to get it.

Darren is a developer, writer, runner and founder of Siftware, a website maintenance and PHP support company. Of course, he is a OneNote fan and is using his software experience to develop Notebud, a tool to take your OneNote tags to the next level. Visit his personal website for more information about this and other projects he is working on.

Documentary of How to Use OneNote in Everyday Life

Ulrika Hedlund United Arab Emirates

Ulrika Hedlund

United Arab Emirates

As a working mother with three little children, Ulrika makes her life a little less chaotic by staying organized with OneNote. See how she uses OneNote in her personal life to manage everything from medical records to house remodeling.

Ulrika is a former Microsoft employee and founder and managing director of Business Productivity, a company dedicated to helping customers drive adoption of end user software through video-based storytelling

Be sure to connect with her on TwitterLinkedInFacebook, and Twitter. You can email her directly at 

Day 4: OneNote for Business

OneNote with Office Lens and CamScanner

Frank Kendralla United States

Frank Kendralla

United States

This session is broken into two separate videos. First, Frank shows how to use OneNote with CamScanner to stay organized for your business receipts and more. In the second video, Frank shows Office Lens with OneNote for mobile organization. These are the perfect tutorials for the traveling business person. One of my personal favorite tricks shared is how Frank uses OneNote and Office Lens to save his white board notes.

Frank uses OneNote in his photography business and has used his experience to host live OneNote workshops for business owners and professionals. Visit his personal website for more information. Follow him on Twitter @frankkendralla.

Client and Prospect Management With OneNote

Sandy Morgan United States

Sandy Morgan

United States

OneNote can track everything related to prospect and client management for your business. Sandy explains the best practices and strategies for using OneNote to handle document management, streamline repetitive tasks, and develop an overall prospect and management system. Many of you may refer to these processes as a CRM, or customer relation management system. The video gives you work flow strategies as well as OneNote how-to tips for things like embedding Excel documents and Outlook with OneNote integration. This video is going to help you have better customer relations, which leads to better customer retention and better margins and profitability.

Sandy is a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor and a Small Business Consultant. She has worked with hundreds of clients helping them understand their financials and streamline their workflow processes. Visit her website for more information. She highly recommends OneNote as part of Office365 to her clients. Follow her on Twitter @PracticalSandy.

Replace the 3-Ring Binder: File and Case Management with OneNote

Luigi Monteleone United States

Luigi Monteleone

United States

As a Deputy District Attorney that uses OneNote on his tablet, Luigi shares his strategies for file management in and out of the office. He knows what it takes to have critical information available at the right time and cannot afford to lose documents in his practice. Finally replace your 3-ring binder and dramatically reduce paper waste after watching this session.

Luigi is a practicing attorney in Southern California who uses OneNote with a Surface Pro 4 to essentially replace paper in his practice. He writes about his OneNote processes on his website, a resource that is worth viewing. He is a technology enthusiast and has taught many seminars on the use of technology in the courtroom. Follow him on Twitter @PaperlessDA.

How OneNote Fits into Your Cloud Storage Solution and Hands On Training with OneNote

Bart Van Roey Belgium

Bart Van Roey


Bart has prepared two videos for the conference, both on the use of OneNote in business.

The first video covers the opportunities and challenges on a very high, strategical level: he describes the roles OneNote can play in business, the business process you need to adopt new technology such as OneNote, and then he lists nine digital skills employees should have or should acquire.

The second video is almost a hands on training about one of these digital skills: creating hypertext links between objects.

Bart is a consultant and trainer in digital collaboration. His company helps organizations and individuals to make optimal use of digital technology. The technology scope is not limited to Microsoft by the way, but he is a super fan of OneNote and most of his clients use the Microsoft product suite. Much of his work involves projects using Office 365. Follow him on Twitter @bartvanroey.

Day 5: OneNote in Education

Introduction to OneNote Class Notebook

Scott Bricker United States

Scott Bricker

United States

Have you heard of OneNote Class Notebook and aren't sure what it is? Or, maybe you have tried it for a few minutes but didn't really get comfortable with it? If you are new to OneNote Class Notebook, this session is for you. You will get a refresher on the basics of OneNote, an introduction to the OneNote Class Notebook, and see some of the add-ins and extensions for OneNote Class Notebook to do even more. This video is a must watch for educators wanting to get started using OneNote.

Scott is a teacher at a Microsoft Showcase School Program and a proud member of Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) community. Be sure to visit his website for additional OneNote help and other technology assistance, particularly for education purposes.

OneNote Class Notebook History and Examples

Robert Baker United States

Robert Baker

United States

In this video, Robert shares some of the history of OneNote so you can better understand where it is today. He also shares plenty of examples and tips and strategies for using OneNote Class Notebook based on his school experience with OneNote since 2007.

Click on the link to view the notebook he is sharing in his video:

Robert Baker is the Director of Technology at Cincinnati Country Day School. He is focused on teaching and learning and putting "daperfecttablet" in the hands of his teachers and students to enable the best learning environment possible. His school was the first in the United States to go 1 to 1 in 1996 and in 2003 went to tablets and digital ink.

How Teachers Can Use OneNote Class Notebooks in Their Classroom

Steffi Svendsen Norway

Steffi Svendsen


This video will show you exactly how Steffi uses OneNote in her classroom and show you examples of her students' work. While showing examples, this video will also show step-by-step how to add tags and use some of the other more powerful tools within OneNote. 

Steffi is a pedagogical adviser at Microsoft, teacher ambassador, OneNote Avenger, a Sway lover and a MIEExpert. She is an educator and former teacher who works with educators and school leaders across Norway to ensure successful implementation of Microsoft technology in education. Find her on Twitter @steffisteaching.

Planning With OneNote

Melissa Salas United States

Melissa Salas

United States

From one teacher to another, Melissa shares her experience, strategies and advice for using OneNote in the classroom. She shares how things are working with her classroom and will give you plenty of new things you can integrate into yours. This is another outstanding example of OneNote being more than just fancy. It is a working tool that helps teachers like you save more time and have a bigger impact on the lives students.

Melissa is a teacher at Richlands High School, which is part of Onslow County Schools. She is in her second year of using OneNote (11 years experience teaching), holds a Master Degree in Adult Education, a Master Degree in Multicultural Literature and a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education English. Find her on Twitter @BlitheSalsa.

Day 6: OneNote for Education (Continued)

Hacking OneNote

Cal Armstrong Canada

Cal Armstrong


This video will show you advanced strategies to customizing your OneNote experience and pushing the boundaries. By the end of the video you will understand the workings of OneNote, be able to change permissions and settings and change things embedding web apps into the OneNote.

Be sure to visit his sites, and

Cal is a mathematics teacher at Appleby College, a grade 7 to 12 boys boarding school just outside of Toronto, Canada. He is also the Director of Technology and Teaching Innovation for Appleby College. He is one of original hackers of OneNote and one of the leaders in pushing boundaries of what OneNote can do.


Effective Student Feedback with OneNote

Steve Crapnell Australia

Steve Crapnell


The more effective and efficient student feedback is, the faster the learning process can occur. With OneNote, this student feedback is able to happen faster and more effectively than with any other learning software out there. See how a real school uses OneNote to improve its student feedback with OneNote in this session.

Steve is a mathematics teacher and eLearning Coordinator at All Hallows' School in Brisbane, Australia. He is a part of the Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert program and has several resources you can view on his site. Find him on Twitter @anfield1974.

Teaching Math With OneNote

Kurt Söser Austria

Kurt Söser


See how Kurt uses OneNote to teach math and interact with his students. This video will also highlight tools he finds useful and powerful: the built in calculator, create mathematical expressions (so much easier than other type and text methods), math add-in Windows 10, GeoGebra and more. Kurt shows why and how teaching math with OneNote is so powerful. This is a fun movie with some great graphics and music!

Kurt is a self-proclaimed OneNote Geek and speaks around the world about OneNote and other related education topics. He is a GeoGebra Trainer, MIEFellow, guitarist, archery fan and Teacherpreneur. Be sure to view his website at to connect and learn more from him. 

The Future of OneNote in Education

Mike Tholfsen United States

Mike Tholfsen

United States

Mike has an inside look into the happenings of Microsoft and rolls back the curtain in this video to share what is coming and what Microsoft is focusing on for innovation. The upcoming improvements are based on teacher and IT Administrator feedback. Mike shares what the future looks like for the three different versions of OneNote, what is happening next with Learning Tools, ways Microsoft Classroom will be integrated with OneNote and many more upcoming improvements the Microsoft team will be releasing soon.

Mike is Product Manager on the Microsoft OneNote team focused on education, including OneNote Class Notebook and eLearning. 

Exhibit Talks

All OneNote ninjas, experts and fans were invited to share a short video answering the question: How do you use OneNote?

Many videos were submitted.

Each pin represents a Learn OneNote Conference 2016 attendee or speaker.

These videos are organized in the Sway to the left.


What is the Learn OneNote Conference?

The Learn OneNote Conference is a multi-day online conference featuring several sessions per day from OneNote Experts (Ninjas) sharing their best tips, tricks, and best practices for getting the most out of OneNote.

Do I have to travel to attend the Learn OneNote Conference?

Nope. This conference is entirely online, which means you don't have any costly travel expenses or time spent away from family or work.

Who should attend the conference?

This conference isn't for everyone.

The training is best suited for teachers, principals, administrative persons, small business owners and managers. It is also beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their organization and processes as they relate to reducing paper waste, task or project management, research, writing, team work, teaching and educational offerings. 

How does the conference work?

There will be several video training sessions released each day. Each session will consist of a central topic with a OneNote Ninja showing you step-by-step what you need to know related to the topic. 

Register for the conference and I will email you any additional links and details you need.

How much will this cost?

Absolutely nothing while the event is live. 

Now that the conference is over, you can purchase a Lifetime Access Pass - Basic Version or Lifetime Access Pass - Team Version. Register at the top of the page for three free videos and I'll send him pricing information.

Is this a Microsoft event?

Nope, it's just me, Jared DeCamp, putting together this conference. While Microsoft employees have been gracious to speak and promote the conference, the conference is not officially affiliated or endorsed by Microsoft. I'm just a passionate OneNote user gathering others like you and me to leverage OneNote even more.


Hey there. I'm Jared DeCamp and I will be your host for the Learn OneNote Conference. I use OneNote every single day and am a huge fan. I write tutorials on my personal site and have been published in trade magazines and popular websites.

You can reach me by replying to any email after registering. Or, find me on Twitter @Jared_DeCamp and say hi.

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